We offer a range of courses aimed at popular music aimed at KS2 - KS5 students. Instrumental lessons are mostly individual but occasionally we put students in groups if it is beneficial for them. Pop/Rock Band sessions are group sessions where the number of students vary depending on the music style, their ability or the repertoire they are learning. 

Ukulele – ideal starter instrument for students in Year 3. It is easy to carry round, easy on their fingers and it makes great transition to an acoustic or electric guitar. Also all the ukulele players are encouraged to sing along their playing from the very start.

Guitar – students can play acoustic or electric guitar. We recommend to start with an acoustic one in Year 3 or 4. They can progress further to electric guitar and a bass guitar.

Bass guitar – we recommend to play the bass from Year 4 due to its size. Students can have ¾ size basses that are smaller and lighter than the full size. It is a great instrument, easier to play than guitar but an important one in any music group or a band.

Drums – students can play both acoustic or an electric drum kit. We recommend Alesis Perc Pad or any electric drum kit as a drum alternative for pop/rock rehearsals if they take place in a school.

Keyboard – students will be learning basic keyboard skills both via reading standard notation and understanding chord symbols to be able to accompany themselves or someone else or to play effectively in a pop/rock band.

Vocals – an opportunity for any budding singer to take part in singing sessions. Students are singing their favourite songs as well as working on building their confidence on stage and work with a microphone. 

Pop/Rock band – dedicated students who wish to play in a band and are not able to attend our sessions at the Academy Session Room can do so within school. They would use electric or electro-acoustic instruments for the sessions as they would all be plugged into a Jam Hub silent rehearsal studio. It is great for space saving and there is no outside noise to disrupt other classes in the school.

Students are offered an opportunity to follow a Rockschool syllabus and study towards a graded exams.


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